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Coextrusion Aluminum-plastic doors and windows in China's market has been warmly welcomed
- 2019-03-14-

Energy Saving of building doors and windows is an important link of building energy saving. According to statistics, when using the metal doors and windows of the sound pass, the heat loss generated by the window accounts for about 40% of all heat loss. UsingCoextrusion Aluminum-Plastic doors and windowsCan save building heating (refrigeration) energy consumption by 30%-50% compared to ordinary metal windows. Therefore, improving the insulation and air tightness of Windows is the key to improve the energy saving of doors and windows and even building energy saving. At present, statistics show that China's plastic doors and windows market rate has risen to about 40%, indicating that the coextrusion aluminum plastic doors and windows in China has been a great importance and application.

In recent years, with the continuous application and development of plastic doors and windows, as well as the improvement of people's consumption level, plastic doors and windows and plastic doors and windows industry exposed some problems gradually aroused the general concern of the whole society. For example, more and more high-rise buildings are not suitable for the use of plastic doors and windows due to high wind pressure requirements, in the window design, plastic doors and windows due to their own structural characteristics, not suitable for choice. The bright and comfortable large windows pursued by modern people. Otherwise, due to the large window (door) fan itself deformation, warping, droop and other characteristics, will directly affect its basic practical performance. Plastic doors and Windows industry from profile to assembly market chaos, many fish products are seriously disrupting the market, and in some areas have had a very bad impact. Therefore, people look forward to a good appearance of good performance of the new energy-saving door and window products, in order to overcome the existing energy-saving doors and windows shortcomings. In this environment, as a new building energy-saving doors and windows, coextrusion aluminum-plastic doors and windows came into being, with its excellent quality, appropriate price development at a high speed.
As a new type of compound building materials, aluminum-plastic coextrusion profiles have been supported by relevant departments in China, and the Ministry of Construction has repeatedly issued documents requiring support and promotion of the doors and windows of aluminum-plastic coextrusion new composite materials.
"Construction business" 10-five "focus on the promotion of technical fields" Building Section [2006]315 No. Fourth Chapter fourth, "Chemical building materials Technology" provisions, to focus on the promotion of plastic doors and windows and composite doors and windows.
Ministry of Construction [1999]295, "on the elimination of backward products in residential construction notice" Clearly proposed: actively develop the production, application of wood plastic and coextrusion aluminum plastic doors and windows and thermal insulation type of aluminum alloy windows and other new energy-saving windows.