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I'll take you to know. Aluminum and plastic coextrusion composite profiles
- 2019-03-14-

FromAluminum and plastic co-extrusion composite profilesOn the cross-sectional structure, the outer layer of the inner aluminum lining is coated with a layer of 4mm foaming plastic as the insulation layer, it is well known that the better insulation material is foaming material, so we use the new hard skin micro-foaming technology, in the aluminum lining extrusion at the same time, the heated melting plastic evenly through the mold foaming coated on the aluminum lining, In order to make aluminum lining and foaming material closely combined, the company developed a multi-point swallowtail groove aluminum lining, so that the contact surface of aluminum lining and foaming plastic increased by 37%, aluminum lining inertia moment increased to about 25% of the value, the formation of foaming uniform, density suitable, combined with a good foaming insulation layer This novel mold structure and formula in the plastic surface at the same time the formation of a layer of more than 0.5mm of hard plastic layer, this layer of hard plastic layer and a complete and uniform coating of the foaming plastic layer, to ensure that the surface appearance of the profile hard and smooth, to achieve the same hardness and surface standard requirements as hard PVC plastic windows.

Sound insulation performance is mainly reflected in the air tightness of doors and windows and soundproof glass and aluminum co-extrusion composite profiles of their own short plate, that is, if the air tightness can not be done well, even if the use of good soundproof glass is in vain, and the current market processing of soundproof doors and windows is the main form of plastic steel, its strength and air tightness are relatively And the sound insulation design uses the multi-cavity principle, and the new aluminum-plastic coextrusion profile using the micro-foaming PVC material, the mitigation effect on the sound wave is obvious, through our installation in several noisy roads on both sides of the residential test results, Aluminum-Plastic coextrusion profile production of the sound insulation window can be outdoor 70dB traffic noise control below 40dB very quiet level, its sound insulation by the institute testing up to 37dB.
Plastic steel profiles are in the surface to squeeze out a layer of color plexiglass materials to achieve colorful demand, broken bridge aluminum profile is in the profile surface powder spraying, but at present these kinds of color layer easy to scratch and less color type, no metal texture, can not achieve the aesthetic needs of owners and designers, Aluminium plastic coextrusion doors and windows façade shape texture color can be in harmony with the building façade and indoor environment, to achieve the design requirements of building decoration effect, and surface spraying a layer of the world's current aging resistance of fluorinated coatings, fluorine carbon coatings because of its special molecular structure determines that fluorocarbon spraying has a better acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt mist corrosion, heat resistance , UV resistance, anti-aging performance, the use of fluorinated spraying can provide up to 1260 colors for customers to choose, greatly convenient and reached the city development and construction and the people's color needs, and can provide high brightness, bright light, semi-matte, matte, flash metal and other textures of aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite profiles and doors and windows products.