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How to do aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite window?
- 2019-03-14-

How to DoAluminium plastic co-extrusion composite window
Aluminum Plastic coextrusion Composite Window System development Concept:
1, systematic design: The company was founded at the beginning, that is, the formation of a very creative technical R & amp; d team. To the aluminum plastic coextrusion Composite window for the overall system door and window analysis design training.
2, System localization: has a strong system localization ability, swallowtail groove design to ensure that the key technology controllable. Perfect aluminum and plastic co-extrusion composite window extrusion equipment, spraying equipment and thermal transfer equipment and other related independent processing workshop, can be developed out of the door and window products, timely input into production, reduce unnecessary grinding, increase the quality of controllability, enhance the overall system of doors and windows, the formation of energy-saving insulation sound characteristics.
3, high-speed verification: Shandong Sakurai Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. equipped with the world in line with the laboratory, there are 3D printers, doors and windows insulation performance tester, doors and windows mechanical performance tester, plastic door and window angle strength tester, such as a series of perfect facilities, for each aluminum and plastic coextrusion composite window escort, complete the performance of the experimental Test analysis, For the subsequent mass, systematic production of high-quality doors and windows to lay the cornerstone of quality.

Rigorous production process: digitalization and automation plant
1, the manual process into an automated process
The programmed mechanical action guarantees the realization of the system processing requirements. Every step of the automation equipment comes from the strict aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite window technology. Each step of the processing process is repeatedly validated by the equipment and quality control department.
2, the idea of the craftsman into the control process
The introduction of aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite window control software, through digital means to transplant door and window technology. It avoids human error and puts forward the concept of system design. At the same time, a set of complete system management software is introduced, and the digital management of equipment drive, warehouse management, packaging management, quality monitoring system and so on is realized.