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Introduction to the performance of aluminum-plastic co-extrusion composite window
- 2019-03-14-

InAluminium plastic co-extrusion composite windowIn the early stages of production, we are not only proactive, but also through digital production, customized production, programmable hardware positioning, programmable glass knife holder positioning and other technical means, installation team to solve problems one by one. Bridging and fully automatic heat coating. To achieve the door and window production and installation of the cooperation. While greatly improving product quality, it also avoids the problem of installation defects in the installation process, and effectively improves the comfort and perception of the user's home environment. Directly at the source of production to anticipate and solve some of the problems in the late installation, with the installation team, to achieve aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite window manufacturing and installation fit.
1, foreign production of excellent hardware:
Choose the high quality of Germany ROTO hardware, at the same time the use of program-controlled hardware positioning technology, so that production errors remain within 0.3mm, to ensure the precision of hardware installation accuracy, so that aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite windows with good stability and durability.

2, program-controlled hardware positioning technology
On the automatic assembly line, the hardware position is positioned accurately, the frame, fan and vertical rod hardware are marked before welding, and the marking error is less than 0.3mm.
3, program-controlled glass pad bridge positioning
Window fan Drop angle is one of the reasons leading to the problem of hardware coordination, and the important reason that causes the window fan to drop the angle is the shift of the glass cushion block.
Utilizing the software with strong operation function and high-tech equipment, the program-controlled glass pad bridge positioning technology has been developed, which is in line with the glass Pad Bridge, which solves the difficult problem of window fan drop angle well.
4. Sealing SCREW Connection Technology
Aluminium Plastic coextrusion Composite window aluminum flange Composite in the mullion connector changed the traditional connection structure, directly connected with the aluminum lining, increased the connection strength. At the same time, the bottom and side of the gasket, sealing effect is better than the existing connector, and does not affect the appearance of the profile. The connector processing technology is simple, the manufacturing production cost is low, the installation is convenient, the effect is good, has the distinct social benefit and the economic benefit.
5, through the Fire Resistance Integrity detection
Recently Aluminium Plastic coextrusion Composite window successfully through fire-resistant integrity 0.5-hour detection, and access to China's construction engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection center issued by the test report, our company attaches great importance to product safety performance, the system doors and windows continue to optimize, testing results show that aluminum plastic coextrusion composite window has effectively solved the problem of weak fire integrity of doors and windows in China "Aluminum plastic coextrusion energy-saving system doors and Windows fire-resistant integrity" blank.