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Reasons why aluminum-plastic coextrusion energy-saving door and window profiles are very popular
- 2019-03-14-

In terms of insulation performance,Aluminum and plastic coextrusion energy saving door and window profilesThe use of the world's new hard shell micro-foaming technology, in the aluminum lining co-extrusion, hot melt adhesive through the mold foaming evenly coated on the aluminum lining, the formation of a uniform foam insulation layer, moderate density. Combination. "In addition, we have adopted formulations and mold structures purchased from Germany to plastics. The surface of the material forms a hard plastic layer of 0.5mN, which guarantees the hardness and smoothness of the appearance.

Aluminium plastic coextrusion energy-saving door and window profiles in the protection of good wind pressure resistance and insulation performance at the same time, to achieve the production process energy consumption is very low target. It is understood that the annual output of 100,000 tons of aluminum plastic doors and windows only 75% of the energy consumption of aluminum alloy doors and windows, only 65% of the energy consumption of plastic doors and windows, equivalent to saving 370 tons of standard coal, reducing dust emissions 251.6 tons, a decrease of 25,000 tons compared Emissions of 922 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 14 tons of nitrogen oxides. "Low carbon production: carbon is not only very low in performance energy consumption, but because many of these materials are two times aluminum, the recycling of materials is achieved." "Tan Jianning said that low-carbon production links not only bring ecological and social benefits, but also bring great benefits to owners. The economic benefits of S and the recycling of materials also reduce the cost of aluminum-plastic co-extrusion profiles.
Aluminium plastic co-extrusion energy-saving doors and windows, the use of multi-cavity aluminum alloy nemura surface spraying micro-foaming PVC layer formed by the advantages of composite profiles, can effectively improve the door window frame deformation resistance and insulation performance; Tan Jianning believes that aluminum-plastic coextrusion energy-saving door and window profiles as a new type of doors and windows with aluminum lining and plastic closely combined, Not only has the insulation performance of plastic doors and windows, but also has a high thermal insulation performance. GH Metal doors and windows strength characteristics, in line with the current market demand. Aluminium plastic coextrusion energy-saving door and window profiles have been widely used in the construction of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, in the Asian Games Village construction projects, played a positive role.