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Aluminium Plastic coextrusion Composite window Why become the market's new favorite?
- 2019-03-14-

Doors and windows are the eyes of buildings. The windows open the gap between nature and people, enjoy the warm sunshine and cool breeze without leaving the home. In the past, the old buildings in the wooden windows, steel windows, legacy aluminum alloy doors and windows due to insulation, poor sealing, easy to deform in the wind and wind, it is difficult to play a role in keeping warm, do not say soundproofing and waterproof effect.Aluminium plastic co-extrusion composite windowOn the basis of steel structure connection, the profile is connected with the mechanical method of aluminum alloy profile and micro-foaming hardening skin PVC profile, and a new type of door and window is composed of frame screw connection. This kind of doors and windows have a double decorative effect, from the indoor view is warm and elegant wooden window texture, from the outside to see but also beautiful and elegant aluminum alloy doors and windows. This can not only meet the different requirements of the door and window materials inside and outside the building, retain the characteristics and functions of a variety of windows, the outer aluminum alloy has played a protective role, and easy to maintain, can be in the outer layer of a variety of color spraying treatment, to maintain the overall beauty of the building. Today, let's talk about where the aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite window is good and why it will become a new favorite in the door and window world.

Why do aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite windows?
1. Market demand: microclimate
Haze (PM2.5), noise, sunlight ultraviolet rays have seriously affected people's lives. Like the big environment and the climate of great concern, the microclimate is gradually beginning to show its importance, not only affecting people's lives and health, but also to a large extent determines the quality of life.
The dominant indexes of microclimate are mainly embodied in noise, temperature, floating and fresh air volume.
2. Policy guidance: Building Energy efficiency standards
3. Building doors and Windows: the main force of social energy consumption
Building doors and windows cause 50% of the building's energy consumption, or 19% of the total social energy consumption. The energy loss caused by doors and windows mainly originates from the heat loss in winter, and the heat infiltration in summer, with the enforcement of external wall insulation, doors and windows become a great constraint to building energy saving.
Industry direction: systematic, branding and automation of door and window production
China's door and window industry is still in the original market stage of price competition. The market needs a leading brand. Only systematic quality products, in order to achieve the urgent needs of the market. Only automated production mode, in order to form a scale in the market. Only branded product experience, in order to form a word of mouth in the market. Only standardized customer service, in order to establish a brand in the market. Therefore, the needs of the market, so that aluminum and plastic coextrusion composite Windows become the new favorite of the door and window industry.