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Energy-saving aluminum-plastic co-extrusion doors and windows are the key link of building energy saving
- 2019-03-14-

As the key link of building energy saving, the energy saving work of doors and windows is very important. When using ordinary metal doors and windows, the heat loss from the window accounts for about 40% of the heat loss of the house, while the useEnergy-saving aluminum and plastic co-extrusion doors and windowsMore than 30%-50% of the energy consumption of building heating (refrigeration) can be achieved by using ordinary metal doors and windows.
At present, with the development of building energy saving work and the continuous demand of the market, plastic doors and windows have received widespread attention because of their energy-saving performance. According to the Ministry of Housing and Construction statistics, the average market rate of plastic doors and windows has now risen to more than 35%.

At the same time, although plastic doors and windows have been widely used, but its shortcomings are also constantly emerging. For example, because the reinforced lining can not fully close the low wind pressure performance, and can not be used in high-rise buildings: Because of the corner non-metallic corner code connection structure limit, it is impossible to make large bright windows, otherwise it is easy to cause warping, droop and other deformation; BEC has left a technical flaw in cutting corners by adding metal linings to the Assembly In addition, the more serious is that over the years the development of the industry has also begun to appear a large number of vicious competition phenomenon, fake and shoddy, fish-eye beads and so on. Tan Jianning pointed out that due to the limitations of plastic door and window technology and industry chaos, the market urgently needs a new type of energy-saving doors and windows.
In view of the energy-saving aluminum-plastic coextrusion doors and windows in the wind, heat insulation and other aspects of good performance, has become the market's new favorite.
It is because of the potential of aluminum-plastic co-extrusion in building energy conservation that we have invested a lot of energy and money in the design, development, production, installation and service of aluminum and plastic co-extrusion. It is understood that Shandong Sakura Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. by virtue of long-term novel business philosophy, has become a large production scale, perfect production equipment, strong energy-saving aluminum plastic co-extrusion door and window production Technology Force enterprises.
It is understood that aluminum and plastic coextrusion energy-saving door and window profiles from the outside to the inside are hard plastic, micro-foaming plastic, aluminum lining. Aluminum alloy as the profile skeleton, to achieve its rigidity and strength needs, and the window corner of the corner code connection and welding process, can further improve the energy-saving aluminum-plastic co-extrusion doors and windows of the wind pressure performance and water tightness performance.