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What is the appearance of aluminum-plastic coextrusion energy-saving doors and windows?
- 2019-03-14-

Aluminum Buckle Plate +Aluminium plastic co-extrusion energy saving doors and windowsOn the basis of steel structure connection, the profile is connected with the mechanical method of aluminum alloy profile and micro-foaming hardening skin PVC profile, and a new type of door and window is composed of frame screw connection. This kind of doors and windows have a double decorative effect, from the indoor view is warm and elegant wooden window texture, from the outside to see is elegant and beautiful aluminum alloy doors and windows.
1, aluminum and plastic co-extrusion energy-saving door and window technology
Aluminum buckle plate surface is flat, the prism is clear, the use of aluminum buckle plate of plastic steel door and window system, reflects a neat, generous, elegant, wide field of vision of the appearance of the effect, at the same time aluminum buckle plate with high strength, deformation resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof advantages.

2. Hot Melt Coating Technology
Thermal transfer coating solves the problem of imitation wood and color diversity of aluminum-plastic co-extrusion and energy-saving doors and windows.
Performance: energy-saving insulation, anti-wind sand, solid and strong, cost-effective, fire protection
Aluminium plastic coextrusion Energy-saving doors and windows larger features are sound insulation, insulation, energy saving, anti-wind and sand, its load-bearing structure for the plastic material in the overall interspersed coextrusion aluminum lining, its connection for seamless overall coextrusion connection, aluminum plastic coextrusion system using high strength metal alloy connectors will frame, fan, mullion aluminum lining in the way of screw connection together, So that the strength of aluminum plastic windows can reach the strength of metal windows, doors and windows are very sealing, can effectively prevent wind and rain attacks. can block the summer outdoor hot and dry, reduce the loss of indoor air conditioning, winter will not freeze, condensation, sound insulation performance is better. The waterproofing principle of curtain wall and other pressure chamber is adopted between the open hole part and the window frame. Waterproof sealing performance is better than ordinary aluminum windows and plastic steel windows. Because the outsourcing 4mm foaming Layer profile blocks the indoor and outdoor energy transfer of the hot Bridge, the energy-saving effect is obvious.
Aluminium plastic coextrusion Energy-saving doors and windows in the performance can not only replace aluminum wood windows, and plastic steel in waterproof, anti-aging, anti-bump performance than wood materials are very made with, the cost of the price is one times lower, at the same time will replace aluminum alloy insulation broken Bridge window.