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Aluminium plastic co-extrusion energy saving doors and windows

Aluminium plastic co-extrusion energy saving doors and windows

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In recent years, with the green development of door and window products, the reasons affecting the energy consumption of buildings have gradually been exposed.
At present, China's door and window industry development lags behind, the industry energy saving level is much lower than European and American countries. In addition to Glass, there are also impact Windows energy-saving profiles, hardware and other door and window accessories. However, with the increasing demand for energy-saving renovation doors and windows in existing buildings in China, aluminum-plastic co-extrusion of energy-saving doors and windows or ushered in a good opportunity for future development.
Doors and windows are the link of heat preservation, sound insulation and weak protection in the whole building enclosure structure. Door and window energy consumption accounts for more than 30% of building energy consumption, glass energy consumption accounts for about 60% of door and window energy consumption. Industry insiders point out that under some conditions, the thermal radiation and conduction of glass is the main factor leading to indoor energy loss.
The windows used in the building are mainly aluminum windows, wooden windows and plastic windows. At present, in the European door and window market, aluminum windows, wooden windows and plastic Windows Form a three-legged situation. Plastic steel doors and windows are mainly used in civil buildings, accounting for 50%-60% of total door and window consumption. Compared with Europe, the energy-saving effect of plastic steel doors and windows in China is lower than that of 2.1W/(M2.K). Hotels, villas and other buildings basically use wooden windows, public buildings mostly use aluminum windows, plastic steel windows and aluminum windows are doors and windows respectively.
  Aluminium plastic co-extrusion energy saving doors and windowsUsher in development opportunities
In order to the future development of aluminum-plastic coextrusion energy-saving doors and windows, energy-saving doors and windows should be dominated by composite doors Compared with aluminum and plastic composite windows, aluminum-plastic coextrusion energy-saving doors and windows are not only green and beautiful, but also have a good energy-saving effect. When ordinary insulating glass is used, the heat transfer coefficient can reach 2.0W/(M2.K) -2.2W/(M2.K) below. The heat transfer coefficient of a single LOW-E glass can be reduced to less than 1.8W/(M2.K).