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Aluminium plastic co-extrusion

Aluminium plastic co-extrusion

Product Details

  Aluminium plastic co-extrusionDoors and windows with its high strength, soundproofing, good insulation, good rigidity, good fire protection, large lighting area, good corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life, good decorative role and other advantages, more and more favored by the market. Aluminium plastic coextrusion doors and windows, has gradually become a green building window commonly used products.
Why is it called "Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion"?
Aluminium-plastic co-extrusion is a combination of aluminum lining and plastic. Its shape is made up of aluminum lining and recycled aluminum as a frame. Hardening treatment of aluminum lining surface with a thickness of about 4mm, composite micro-foaming plastic on the aluminum lining surface, to achieve the combination of internal metal lining and external plastics. As a result, doors and windows combine metal and plastic and are adapted to the advantages of metal doors and windows and plastic doors and windows, further giving full play to the advantages of the combination of the two.
Aluminium plastic coextrusion doors and windows are aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows. They are the fifth generation of new insulation and energy-saving doors and windows after wooden windows, bars, plastic steel doors and windows, and ordinary colored aluminum alloy doors and windows.
Aluminium plastic coextrusion doors and windows have a wide range of applications, high quality, technological innovation, with good energy-saving performance and security performance, flexible combination window type process, can meet the design requirements of architects, stylish and beautiful appearance, is currently in line with the design and application of excellent products, in line with China's construction door and window industry development and promotion technology development direction. Its gradual replacement of broken bridge aluminum profile windows and traditional plastic, plastic steel windows will be a trend in the future.