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Aluminium Plastic coextrusion window

Aluminium Plastic coextrusion window

Product Details

  Aluminium Plastic coextrusion windowFire-resistant and energy-saving functions. Has passed the 0.5h refractory test.
Aluminum-Plastic coextrusion windows are resistant to wind, sand and wind pressure. The inner frame straight line material adopts the swallowtail groove design, has the strong anti-wind pressure and the deformation ability, the anti-cheer is good. Can be used in high-rise buildings and civilian residences. Can be designed for large window type, large lighting area. This kind of window has better air tightness than aluminum or plastic windows, in areas with large wind and sand, can guarantee the indoor windowsill and floor dust-free.
Aluminium Plastic coextrusion window high strength, no maintenance. Aluminium-Plastic coextrusion doors and windows have high tensile shear strength and thermal deformation resistance. Aluminum-Plastic coextrusion profile is not corroded by sea salt, not easy to yellowish fade, basically do not need maintenance.
Aluminum-plastic coextrusion profiles are diverse in color and have a strong decorative nature. Can realize the different colors of the inner and outer surface of the door and window, reach the customer's preference for color effect, achieve the aesthetic demand of color gamut space, meet the architect's personalized design requirements. Aluminum-plastic coextrusion profile streamlined luxury. Aluminium plastic coextrusion profile is a green building material and circular economy. Aluminium plastic coextrusion doors and windows in the production process will not produce harmful substances, materials can be recycled and reused, is a green building materials products, in line with sustainable development, in line with the Thirteen-Five development strategy.
Aluminium plastic coextrusion window opening in a variety of forms, comfortable and durable. There are flat opening, tilt, suspension, push-pull, flat open, inclined, composite, suitable for public buildings, residential areas, municipal projects; sliding freely, quiet.
Compared with the same performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, each square meter of ordinary performance of aluminum plastic coextrusion window compared with aluminum alloy doors and windows, can be reduced by about 200 yuan, high performance of doors and windows can be reduced by 200 yuan to about 500 yuan.