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Aluminum and plastic coextrusion door and window profiles

Aluminum and plastic coextrusion door and window profiles

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  Aluminum and plastic coextrusion door and window profilesThe characteristics
1, the use of foaming PVC formula instead of the current rigid PVC formula, further enhance the thermal insulation of plastic parts.
2, the use of surface foaming technology to ensure the quality of profile surface hardness.
3, the use of fluorinated coating spraying surface, comfortable and elegant appearance, increase the quality of doors and windows.
4, the use of plastic and metal co-extrusion of new technologies to achieve the integration of plastics and metals.
5, aluminum and plastic coextrusion door and window profiles with ordinary plastic doors and windows insulation, sound insulation, energy-saving advantages.
6, due to the use of co-extrusion process, corner metal connection to form a closed loop, greatly enhance the force of the window opener, thus solving the whole (including the corner) of the wind pressure resistance problem.
7, open windows are not easy to deform, twist and droop. The sealing, water tightness and free opening for long periods of time are strengthened and guaranteed.
8, easy to design bright and comfortable window type for modern people to pursue.
9, fluorocarbon coating spraying surface use, so that urban beautification has become possible, and with modern home decoration combined.
10, aluminum and plastic co-extrusion door and window profile assembly process is simple and easy to do, so that the promotion is convenient, on-site production feasible.
11, so that the building lightning protection is simple and feasible, beneficial to the fire protection of high-rise buildings.