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Aluminium Plastic Coextrusion Profile

Aluminium Plastic Coextrusion Profile

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  Aluminium Plastic Coextrusion ProfileThe characteristics
1, the use of foaming PVC formula to replace the current ordinary hard PVC formula, further strengthen the plastic part of the insulation, soundproofing role;
2, the use of skin foaming technology to ensure the surface hardness of the profile quality;
3, the use of fluorine paint spraying surface, comfortable and elegant appearance, increase the quality of doors and windows grade;
4, the use of plastic and metal co-extrusion composite technology, to achieve the integration of plastics and metals;
5, with ordinary plastic doors and windows insulation, sound insulation, energy saving and other advantages;
6, because the aluminum plastic coextrusion profile using co-extrusion technology, and the corner of the use of metal connection to form a closed loop, so that the force of the window rod is greatly strengthened, thus solving the overall (including corner) anti-wind pressure performance;
7, the window is not easy to deform, twist, droop, strengthen and long-term protection of the window air tightness, water tightness, open freely;
8, easy to design modern people to pursue the bright and comfortable large window type;
9, the use of fluorinated paint spraying surface makes it possible to beautify the city and integrate with modern home furnishings;
10, aluminum-plastic coextrusion profile assembly process is simple, easy to operate, so that the popularization and promotion becomes convenient, and make the site production become feasible;
11, aluminum and plastic coextrusion profiles make the building lightning protection becomes easy and feasible, and conducive to high-rise building fire.