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What is aluminum-plastic coextrusion doors and windows?
- 2019-03-14-

  Aluminium plastic co-extrusion doors and windowsis made of aluminum lining and plastic as one of the composite doors and windows. Its shape is composed of surface rigid foam and aluminum lining surface with a thickness of about 3mm, which realizes the integration of internal and external plastics. Therefore, the doors and windows will be the traditional metal doors and windows and plastic doors and windows fusion, but also has the advantages of high strength of metal doors and windows, plastic doors and windows insulation.
The appearance of aluminum-plastic co-extruded doors and windows is a major change in the history of doors and windows. As a new type of building energy-saving doors and windows, it will occupy a very important position.
What are the characteristics of aluminum-plastic co-extrusion doors and windows? Let's first look at the characteristics of aluminum-plastic coextrusion profiles.
1. High strength
Aluminum alloy profile is used as skeleton to ensure the stiffness and strength of profile. The wind pressure and anti-deformation ability of the window are further strengthened by using the angle code to connect the window angle.
2. Good soundproofing performance
According to the structure of aluminum-plastic coextrusion profile, it can be seen that the aluminum lining surface covers more than 3mm of foam as a thermal insulation diaphragm layer. As we all know, the better soundproofing material is foaming material.

3. Saving materials and reducing resource consumption
Aluminium plastic coextrusion doors and windows combine aluminum alloy doors and windows with plastic doors and windows. Save 30% of plastic per square metre, twice times as much as aluminum alloy.
4. Save production energy consumption, reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions
The calculation results show that the energy consumption of aluminum-plastic coextrusion profiles for Doors and windows (Industrial) is only 65% of that of plastic steel. Only 75% of the broken Bridge aluminum. With an annual output of 10,000 square meters, it can save 370 tons of standard coal, reduce dust emissions by 251.6 tons, carbon dioxide emissions 922 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions 27.75 tons, nitrogen oxides emissions 13.88 tons.
5. Good overall strength, good fire prevention
Aluminium plastic coextrusion door and window corner connection using 45 degree connection. First with a cutting saw to cut the end of the profile into a 45-degree angle, and then the angle code (aluminum parts, has formed a standardized supply) into two aluminum lining cavity, and the end of the profile connection. Put in the improved welding machine and weld the plastic into shape. Place the welded profiles on the platform and connect the corner codes together by screws to achieve the angular assembly process (as shown). The purpose of the closed-loop connection between the angle plastic seal and the all-aluminum piece and the reinforced aluminum lining is realized. The window adopts the structure of high strength, high wind pressure resistance, good overall stiffness, no deformation, no droop, good sealing, easy to avoid lightning, and is very helpful to fire first aid.

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