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This paper introduces the characteristics of aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite profile
- 2019-03-22-

      Aluminum and plastic co-extrusion composite profilesCharacteristics of

Aluminum-Plastic coextrusion composite profile, from the outside to the inside are hard plastic skin, micro-foaming plastic, aluminum lining, that is, aluminum alloy as a profile skeleton in the inner layer of aluminum lining coated with a layer of 4mm foaming plastic as a insulation layer, in the aluminum lining extrusion at the same time, the heat melted plastic evenly through the mold foaming coated on the aluminum lining.

Advantages of aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite Profiles

At present, common and commonly used doors and windows in the market profiles are divided into plastic profiles, aluminum alloy profiles, broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles and so on. Our company launched aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite profiles compared to traditional plastic profiles and aluminum alloy profiles and Broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles have many advantages, the following we say the strength of aluminum-plastic co-extrusion composite Profiles:

Because it is a new type of aluminum-plastic co-extrusion material, so in the processing and production is also divided into two processes, which is very different from the traditional profile processing methods, the traditional plastic steel profiles using hot-melt welding method for corner connection, its cavity used to strengthen the strength of the profile of the lining steel only by screws simple fixed in the plastic cavity, Therefore, resulting in plastic connection of the corner external force capacity is weak, after a long period of weathering and other external environment, the impact of a slight force is likely to cause corner connection of the part of the cracking open welding. and aluminum alloy profile is the use of stamping group angle and glue connection to the door and window production and processing, the corner of the link is equivalent to the card card into, the strength of its connection is not very solid, in the subsequent use will also have a card off the situation appears. and our aluminum-plastic coextrusion composite profile using welding + Corner code connection, the external foaming plastic part of the use of welding processing, the internal aluminum profile part of the use of corner code fixed, corner code using the reinforcement mode of connection, the use of No corner code off the phenomenon, so as to further ensure the use of doors and windows in the stability, Durability and wind pressure resistance.